Times are certainly changing in Washington. Marijuana is legal in the nation’s capital and president Obama is about to go on record giving his support for medicinal marijuana use.

Weeds 3, a documentary on CNN set to air Sunday, will include President Obama’s views on medical marijuana. The President himself has admitted to using the relatively harmless drug as a youth. He stands behind responsible medicinal practices, the first US President to do so in history.

STX reports that almost half of the states in this country already show support for medical marijuana to some degree. Possession and even cultivation are already legal without a prescription in places like Washing state and Colorado. Momentum for medical marijuana is certainly in high swing.

Members of the Federal Government have even introduced a new bill to reclassify marijuana. The new bill would change marijuana’s status from a Schedule I to a Schedule II drug. No longer would marijuana face the stiff penalties of other more dangerous drugs like cocaine and heroin.

California was the first state to legalize medical use of marijuana. Since then marijuana use has taken on a whole new light. Surveys show that up to 70% of Americans are now in favor of medicinal marijuana use.

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