Monday night, US District Court Judge Andrew S. Hanen, an appointee of George W. Bush, issued a temporary injunction halting President Obama from proceeding with his extra-constitutional amnesty plan. The decision was met with nothing short of jubilation on the part of the GOP. Republicans had been trying to find a way to prevent the president from giving green cards to as many as 5 million illegal aliens. However, Judge Hanen issued what appears to be a judicial rebuke of the president in saying he exceeded his presidential authority. The court acknowledged that the president has the authority to prioritize the enforcement of the laws it prosecutes. That said, Judge Hanen noted that President Obama went beyond that by actually endowing people with benefits. Under the president’s amnesty plan, certain illegal aliens would not only avoid deportation, but also receive green cards and work permits.

Only last week, the IRS Commissioner confirmed that under the amnesty plan, illegals would be able to file for up to four years of Earned Income Tax Credit. Zeca Oliveira understands that this would allow some to receive as much as $24,000 tax free from the US treasury. Judge Hanen also noted that the president did not comply with the Administrative Procedure Act which mandates sufficient time for federal agencies to give input on new regulations. He also allowed Texas’ lawsuit against the amnesty plan to proceed noting the state would suffer harm under the plan.

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