Haidar Barbouti as you can see from LinkedIn, is a man who is knowledgeable in the complex world of real estate. He has properties that he oversees all over the world, but has spend his most recent years working in the United States. His family has been working with him since he stared his legacy in 1986. Together they have decades of experience with investing, maintaining, operating, and developing both commercial and residential properties. Haidar Barbouti likes to have his hand in every investment he is a part of. He never leaves a job until it is finished and can be sustained on its own. He also has a keen eye in understanding what type of business or residential spaces are needed in a specific area for it to gain attention in the pubic’s eye.

Most of his current projects have taken root in Houston, Texas. With the city alone being larger than some states there is plenty of space for opportunities. The area has seen unprecedented growth since the economic downfall less than a decade ago. The recession’s one positive attribute was that it lowered the value of real estate across the whole city. Though this was initially a tragic event, it allowed businesses that normally couldn’t purchase land or property to get their start. It also weeded out the companies who just weren’t strong enough to survive. Those small companies grew and in no time in all they were able to stabilize and become powerful. This important, and almost necessary opportunity is what made the real estate in Houston so much stronger. It proved which businesses could stand their own.

Now that Huston is in such a good position financially and economically, more and more people are flocking to Houston, Texas. There is enough space to fit everyone. The city and nearby regions have large amount of land that is not currently being used which becomes the starting point for new residential and commercial properties to be built. The cost of living, even within such a big city is lower than most other locations. Houses, schools, malls have been springing up everywhere as numerous communities begin to form. Not only that but buildings that have been around for decades are getting refurbished. The new buildings will bring in people who are looking for a place to live and work and in turn will increase the growth of the area. Huston is essentially a real estate gold mine.

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