Making a statement through Purina news coverage, everyone’s favorite company that makes pet food would be like saying that pet owners are fond of their furry pals. Both could be the understatements of all time! Yes, they do make quality, nutritious pet food, have been doing that for eighty years, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Purina Farms hosts many school field trips, holiday celebrations and even birthday parties every year. The Pro Plan Performance Team puts on daily shows at the Incredible Dog Arena, to the delight of dog lovers. There is a Barn and Play Area, where kids learn about domestic farm animals and the Pet Center, boasting a twenty feet tall playhouse for cats. Exhibits, interactive games, as well as video presentations help pet owners learn how to take care of their pets, as well as about the history of Purina and just how a pet food factory works. Purina Farms is open from the middle of March through the middle of November and is always free to everyone.

Purina also presents the Better With Pets Event, which is all about how pets and people live better lives when they are together. It features some of the pet industry’s sharpest minds with hearts of gold, discussing the bond between pets and their humans and the newest innovations. This event is held on November 3, 2015 at the Brooklyn Expo Center in New York City.

Purina Petcare strives to find ways to provide the highest quality products to pet owners, without having a negative impact on the environment. They realize, for example, that overfishing has become a problem. Therefore, they have consulted with seafood sustainability experts in order to come up with guidelines for their suppliers that make sure that Purina only receives seafood that has been responsibly sourced. They found a way to harness the power of nature in a way that improves the impact to the environment from the production of cat litter.

Yes, Purina Petcare sells pet food and pet care products of every variety. But, they do so much more than just that. Realizing that pets and the earth are both treasures whose welfare needs safeguarding, they look after both with their products and policies.

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