Do you often wonder what you can give your small dog that will be nutritious, as well as delicious for them? You will want to purchase the BenefulIncrediBites from Purina. This is made with small dogs in mind, and it gives them just the right nutrients to keep them healthy and fit.

The best flavor of IncrediBites that you can get for your small dog is the beef flavored kind. It also has real carrots and peas included with it. The beef is real, and it was farm raised. There are a lot of really great ingredients in the IncrediBites to offer your pet overall nutrition. They will be getting 27 vitamins and minerals, 23 grams of protein and calcium in just one cup of the IncrediBites. This dog food is made for their tiny teeth so that they can chew it well.

When you are shopping, you will want to know how much the BenefulIncrediBites will cost you. For 15 pounds of this delicious and nutritious treat for your dog, it will cost $13.99. Searching coupons can be done online, and remember to keep an eye out for any other types of promotions that may be offered. You never know when you might hit a sale on the IncrediBites.