Who is QNet? QNet is a company based out of Hong Kong. They host a website that is currently in the process of relocating the majority of its production facilities to India. This booming online retailer offers a wide variety of life enhancing products with a line that promotes approximately 30 major brands across a large selection of categories.

Consequently, they offer products for skin care and wellness and some alternative products including jewelry items. Their business is currently reaching an international market of approximately one hundred different countries across the globe. QNet is a well known international marketing firm.

In addition to the wide variety of goods produced by QNet, they offer unique services such as online course study and packaged vacation deals. The goal, states the company, lies in eventually producing all products through their facility in India, which currently manufacturers some watches and the energy drink Nutriplus. Shifting the manufacturing to one central location will afford the company an approximate 10% savings across the board.

Several years ago, QNet made a conscious decision to limit additions to their product line to those individual products that would stimulate benefits to an indivdual’s every day life, or those that would be considered life enhancing. Hence, this shift has led QNet into offering educational and weight loss products, in addition to their already extensive product line. QNet also has an India-centric website.

QNet currently carries its own unique line of health enhancing products under the brand name Amezcua. In addition to this wellness brand, the company is conjointly evaluating several new products. As a company QNet follows a vegetarian philosophy, in other words, they serve only all vegetarian meals at company gatherings and believe this is a key to a healthier way of life. In addition, they don’t allow any non-vegetarian products in their consumable goods and are adamantly opposed to animal testing. They are also consciously aware of the growing issues, obesity and sugar abuse, and are working hard to produce as clean products as are feasible in the current marketplace.

QNet should be commended for not only running one of the top international companies of 2015, but for doing so in a way that helps aid in the betterment of society as a whole. Their efforts are commendable.

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