Brad Reifler told us that the “Ready for Warren” campaign has made the choice to stop their campaign to get Elizabeth Warren to run for President. They have decided that when she says she is not running for President that she is being serious. Therefore, they believe that it is now time to step into the race and endorse another candidate. The Hill reports that the candidate they have selected is Bernie Sanders.

It is not entirely surprising that the Ready for Warren campaign would endorse Bernie Sanders rather than Hillary Clinton. They have been making their greatest efforts to get a candidate like Warren to run against Hillary Clinton. It was their choice to get behind someone like Bernie because they feel that he is the most progressive candidate in the race.

There seems to be a lot of momentum behind the Bernie Sanders campaign and the Ready for Warren campaign is hoping to add more juice to that movement. The Sanders campaign has to be happy about this turn of events as they look for more news coverage. The Ready for Warren campaign was indeed an impassioned one, but now they are ready to put their fire and energy behind Sanders.

It is time to see what kind of campaign Sanders is going to run now that he has the Ready for Warren people standing next to him. It might be the boost he needs to get even more competitive in the race.

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