Rep. Pete Sessions made some rather outlandish comments during the House rules committee meeting on February 26, 2015. During this meeting, he all but accused President Obama and his administration for being complicit in the murders of American citizens that were committed by people who were arrested upon entering the United States illegally, and then according to Rep. Pete Sessions “released by President Obama”.

Sessions claim that on daily basis murders are being committed by illegal immigrants illegal immigrants that Obama has let free is at best worthy of skepticism, and at worse a downright lie. The real question people at Anastasia Date are wondering is: What do the statistics say?

According to the CDC, every day in the United States 44 people are murdered. And so technically speaking, if a person were to take the percentage of illegal residents in the United States, compare those to legal residents, and then do the math one could argue that it is possible that one or two murders daily are committed by illegal immigrants.

But, we have to remember that Sessions focused on murders committed by illegal immigrants that “the Obama administration released.” This amounts to about 30,000 individuals in the year 2014. When you take this small group, compare them percentage wise with the US population, and then from this number statistically determine how many murders these individuals were likely to commit, it becomes clear that Sessions and his outlandish claims are yet another example of politicians who do not understand how to debate the merits of administration’s policies without using nonsense facts.

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