George Soros has remained on the social limelight for decades now. His role in advising the US government started in the mid-80s. His influence has caused the removal of numerous foreign governments. Soros is one of the most influential persons of US politics and culture. His wealth has undoubtedly played an integral role in everything. The Hungarian-born entrepreneur is currently estimated to have a personal fortune of 13 billion dollars. Asides, George Soros’ firm, the Soros Fund Management, hold well over $25 billion on behalf of their vast clientele. The immense wealth coupled with his overzealous need to change the world to his liking makes up a very dominant force worth considering.

George Soros’ Publications

Soros is also an author. In 1978, for instance, he penned and released the book titled, “The Alchemy of Finance.” In it, he confessed to being an egomaniac. In the text, he compares himself to Einstein and reformers like Keynes. The billions, Soros has dished out are meant to further his vision of a new world devoid of the so-called ‘insoluble problems’ the donations are intended to further the values and agendas on Investopedia he holds dear to his heart, according to his longtime friend, Byron Wien. The name Soros has a loose translation meaning, ‘will soar.’

London School of Economics

In 1947, George got admitted to the London School of Economics. It was at the LSE that he first got introduced to the works of the philosopher, Karl Popper. Karl would, later on, go to become his spiritual mentor. The Viennese philosopher had a profound impact on the life of Soros, notably via his book titled, ‘The Open Society.’ The overarching narrative in the Open Society on Forbes discusses governments allowing their citizens the freedom and the rights to do as they well please, provided they don’t infringe on the rights of others.

Work and Career

Five years later, in 1952, Soros finally graduated and went ahead to work as a securities expert at Singer and Friedlander. Four years later, he moved to New York and started working at Wall St. Ideally, the philanthropist only planned on staying in America for a short while as he saved enough money to return to his roots. All that changed, however, when George Soros landed a plush job as a head portfolio manager at the prestigious investment bank, Arnhold, and S. Bleichroeder from there, he went ahead to invest in virtually all industries you can think of.


George Soros recently announced a donation kitty of half a billion dollars to help out refugees. That sizeable donation on came only months after he gave out $3 million to help lobby Hispanic voters in the recently concluded US general elections.