Richard Mishaan Design has been a stalwart part of the New York City designer landscape for the past 25 years. Run by Mr. Mishaan himself, Richard Mishaan Design seeks to take the bold and mix it with the antique. Every Mishaan-inspired room showcases the flourish of modern design with all of the tried and trued methods of classical design. Mishaan himself is a candid, enthusiastic, and charismatic leader. Intent on never letting his work supersede his objective, Mishaan has become a favorite of his clients everywhere. You don’t look at Mishaan rooms. You look at rooms that Mishaan made, especially for his clients.

There are many different Richard Mishaan Design projects throughout New York City and the rest of the world, but some of his finest work has come from outside of the borders. You need only to look at the old Cartagena get away home to see what a Richard Mishaan Design style house could look like built from head to toe. The Cartagena home is located in Bogata, Colombia and it is where Mishaan himself goes in order to get away when he needs to get a taste of home — Mishaan was born and raised in Bogota.

The Cartagena home is located on the Caribbean Coast and it features all of the accents of a beach house. Still, Mishaan never overloads his buildings and people never feel overwhelmed when they walk into them. This three story building is comprised of essentially three different textures. Each room speaks to the antique life of old while Richard Mishaan Designs modern spin continues to shine through every decoration. A favorite addition of ours is the Brazilian wood beams throughout the living room — they are nearly 500 years old. Walking into the Cartagena home allows you a look into life through Richard Mishaan’s eyes.