Last month, a video surfaced of a teenage girl being pulled out of her school in Mexico, forced into a waiting SUV, and brought to Texas when it was believed she was a missing child from the United States. Dorotea Garcia has been beside herself searching for her missing daughter for the past 8 years. Alondra Diaz, who used to reside in Houston, Texas with her mother, was taken to Mexico when she was just 5-years-old by her biological father Reynaldo Diaz. Dorotea has been desperate to find her ever since she went missing on June 1st, 2007.

Last month, the girl who was dragged out of her school in Mexico was believed to be Alondra Diaz. The 14-year-old girl, who is named Alondra Luna Nunez, insisted that she was not the girl they were looking for. Despite her insistence, Nunez was still taken away from her family in Mexico and brought to the United States. DNA tests proved that she was not the daughter of Dorotea Garcia.

Now, according to the story on, Dorotea has found the correct Alondra. The 13-year-old girl has said that she is ready to go live with her mother. A DNA test has confirmed that this time Dorotea has found the right Alondra to bring back to the Texas with her. They guys at Bloomberg and Sam Tabar were baffled by this whole story.

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