A little boy who was born with just one arm got the greatest surprise of a life time. He was led up to a room where he was told that he would get to test out a bionic arm that could help him get through the rest of his life with a lot more ease. Little did he know that Iron Man would be the one to give the 7 year old this wonderful upgrade.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Variety.com, little Alex met with Downey Jr. was in the room when he got there waiting for him with a special box of mechanical arms. When the boy was asked if he knew who that was next to him, he sheepishly responded “Iron Man.” Apparently Alex is a big fan of the Marvel films and especially a huge super hero fan, and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center can’t wait to help him out. It was probably a dream come true for him as he got to witness a real life version of the character and the man who played him in the movies giving him his arm.

That is really cool and nice of Robert Downey Jr. to be so generous to this boy of his time and willingness to help him have one of his dreams come true. Not just to be able to pick things up for the first time ever with his right hand, but to have such a big name like Downey Jr. be the one to tell him all about it.

It is always good to see these kinds of things in the media as they are much more happy and healing to see celebrities take the time to help the fans who have made them famous.

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