Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter school organization that is rocking the boat of traditional systems that don’t always work so well in today’s environment. Rocketship goes for the lower-income neighborhoods, although it will work anywhere. The lower echelon of our society doesn’t have the economic advantage of a large tax base to support the robust schools of more affluent areas, so Rocketship comes in and creates better test scores than the richer areas.

Rocketship Education uses the force of incentive to drive interest and excitement. A partnership is formed between teachers, students, parents and the community in order to give each partner a stake in the outcome. Of course the desired outcome is student-oriented and with Rocketship, the students understand that very clearly because it is explained to them.

With the package comes the opportunity for parents to really become empowered within the entire Rocketship Education process. Parents can help in the classroom, become community leaders and ambassadors, and just be there for their children. The partnership works because everyone gets and stays onboard to reach the outcome which is a valued, excellent education for the students.

Rocketship uses a model called “Blended Learning.” This model incorporates traditional classroom settings along with small groups and individualized digital sessions. Individual tutoring also is used with each student to tie up loose ends, answer questions, and let the student grow in stature in his or her own eyes.

Knowledge is useless unless it is put into practice. One of the primary functions of Rocketship is to help students understand the purpose of their education. That purpose is that knowledge is given to be used, otherwise they are simply wasting their time.

When students finish their school year, the next year they have the choice as to whether or not they want to go back to Rocketship or go to the regular public school. They have that choice, and 90 percent choose to come back to Rocketship Education. The results always speak for themselves as the parents and the children know a good thing when they experience it. The test scores tell the tale because when Rocketship students graduate, they are a full year ahead of their peers in the public schools.