Retired at the young age of 35,Sahm Adrangi the former hedge fund credit trader/Credit Analyst/PM wanted to discuss Wall Street and his 12 year career with Paulson & Co. along with the three hedge funds he started. Sahm Adrangi graduated from Penn State in which he was able to pick up his internship with Merrill Lynch working the credit desk in New York City. Following the internship period, Merrill Lynch kept him on an additional three years. He was then able to start up the $3 billion hedge fund called “Longacre”. Longacre stint over, he then moved on to Paulson & Company’s credit team, in which he was responsible for $6 billion in the shorting of mortgage bonds. Afterwards, moving on to Bowery Investment Management, LLC., where for three years he served as their Credit PM.

Kerrisdale Capital, a hedge fund, was founded by Sahm Adrangi shortly after his time with Longacre ended. He is also the Chief Investment Officer, in which he is a major part of all Kerrisdale’s involvements since its establishment in 2009. The company was started with just under $1 million; and currently, as of July 2017 it is managing $150 million.

Sahm Adrangi is best recognized for his research in “short selling and publishing”. When it comes to stock, he shares the same views as his firm, Kerrisdale Capital Management. He was made famous for his ability in the “shorting and exposing of fraudulent Chinese companies, like China Education Alliance and ChinaCast Education Corp.” Because of his findings, these companies became subject to strict penalties from the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

Due to the “high cost of living” Adrangi made the decision to quit his Wall Street career. Investing is still his true love, in which most of his current income is generated by his investments as well as the “seed capital” from his Wall Street days.