Americans probably don’t want to hear the word socialism when it’s used to describe the United States, but that’s where the country seems to be headed. Bernie Sanders is running for President, and he has some key points that Americans should look at in relation to the economy Boraie Development had reported.

Sanders is the only Democrat who has said that he wants to run, and his competition is Hillary Clinton. There are some who think that the United States has a strong economy, but this is no longer true. The country has decreased jobs, and the people who are rich seem to be getting richer.

The middle class struggles to survive after working 40 hours a week. This is where the government has led the economy as the upper class doesn’t get taxed as much as the lower classes. The people who don’t make enough money to pay the bills they have are asked to give more to the government when there are people making millions of dollars a year who don’t have to pay hardly anything.

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