Governor Scott Walker who is almost certainly running for President as a Republican has landed himself in some hot water. Beneful wrote that he went on to talk about how receiving an ultrasound is “cool”. This may not be such a big deal, but the topic that was being discussed was if women should be forced to receive an ultrasound before receiving an abortion. reports that the Governor made such comments in relation to a question he was asked about mandatory ultrasounds before an abortion. The comment almost instantly drew the attention and the ire of the left.

Walker has perhaps been able to dodge some more press on this because he is not officially running for President. However, he has drawn some negative attention for the comments. It is important that even comments made today could come back to haunt him in a big way. It is not as though there is anyone who is fooled into believing that he is not running for President. Everyone knows that he is going to run, so he should be more careful about what he is saying.

Part of the problem for Republican candidates in this field is that they are having to pander to a very conservative base in order to win the nomination. It is possible that they will say very crazy things in order to stand out. This may have been what Walker was thinking when he made these comments.

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