High profile business owners and politicians have started to realize more and more how important a clean online reputation is. Lucky for them Status Labs, an online reputation management company, is growing in popularity. The company based out of Austin, Texas has grown 39 percent since 2014 and an impressive 939 percent since its beginning in 2012, according to a recent news article. The company has expanded offices to Sao Paulo, Brazil and New York City. They have clients all over the world ranging from small business owners that need a well thought out online marketing plan to politicians that need a reputation make over.
Co-founder and president, Darius Fisher, has worked in marketing most of his life as a copy-writer and on political campaigns. He attributes growth to a growing demand as well as the hard work and dedication of Status Labs’ skilled employees. The workforce alone has grown 12 percent in the past year. Status Labs has what a growing technology based world needs. They solve online reputation problems and offer help with marketing campaigns, social media marketing, search engine optimization and public relations.
One way Status Labs helps clients manage their reputations is helping google rankings. The first page of google is important to making a first impression. Viewers rarely navigate away from the first page of google; therefore, anything negative on that first page can break a reputation or hurt a first impression. Status Labs uses techniques to get good content ranked on the first page of search results. The key is the content either already has to be there or be created. Status Labs may also require clients to either create social media accounts or manage them in a different way if those accounts are hurting the progress of reputation repair.
The company hires experts in online technology and marketing. They offer free consultations through the website. The company has been recognized and interviewed by The New York Post, Observer, Dujour and other media sources.