Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a contender for the 2016 Democrat Party nomination, was recently laying out the platform for this candidacy. The long shot candidate to upset Hillary Clinton made it clear he will take on the billionaire class. For Senator Sanders, this is not a new quest. He has been promiting policies which would expand the middle class over the past four decades. In particular, he has been concerned that federal policies over the past three decades have done little to help the middle class. Rather, they have benefited the nation’s wealthiest people.

BusinessWire says that for starters, Senator Sanders explained that 99 cents of every dollar of new wealth created goes to only 1% of the population. Further scrutinizing the figure, Senator Sanders explained that one tenth of the wealthiest 1% have nearly as many assets as does the bottom 90% of the nation’s people. The income distribution is so lopsided that the senator decried it as being obscene.

During the interview, Senator Sanders was posed the question many voters will have which is why support him when Hillary Clinton supports the same issues. He countered by first paying respect to Mrs. Clinton. He then explained that his record proves he will champion the cause of the middle class. Unlike Clinton, he has voted against every free trade agreement. Unlike Clinton, he does not support the Trans Pacific Partnership. Unlike Clinton, he favors busting up “too big to fail” banks.

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