Every month New York City receives hundreds of permit applications from NYC real estate development companies as they attempt to put new architecture into the city. Depending on the season, and the type of companies around, you can see anything from small corporate businesses or towering sky rises dedicated to a number of different services. The Real Deal put together a list of the biggest new permits that got pushed through this past September for New York City, many of which will end up leaving a huge footprint on the city when they are fully erected.

Depending on the time of year we can tend to see different boroughs and areas of the city get prioritized in permit applications. For September it was the Bronx that made the most headlines for their big building apps. Joe Chetrit and his Group grabbed up two permits, one on Lincoln Ave and the other on Third Ave, in order to build side-by-side rental buildings. Chetrit plans to have the two buildings be adjacent of one another with a height of 25 stories, totaling almost 784,000 square feet of area per building.

You won’t see any luxury residential areas pop up without leaving their mark on Brooklyn. Shanghai based Greenland Forest City loaded up on a permit application for a structure at Pacific Park down in Prospect Heights. They’re building a 26 story building with a public school on the first floor as well as rental units higher up in the building. Anshel Friedman is building a 12 story building in Brooklyn down on Park Slope. The 125 unit building will have retail, a parking garage, and even a pet spa in the cellar area. Friedman and partner Aaron Karpen have been working on developing the area for awhile now, ever since purchasing an eight parcel mark in the area last year for almost $16.5 million in total, proving their seriousness.

TOWN Residential is a luxury real estate services firm that was founded back in 2010. The boutique styled approach to real estate in the Big Apple has made them players at almost every level in the industry. CEO and founder Andrew Heiberger has been making the rounds at panels and conventions to help get the word out about his firms hard work. Like many of the buildings on this list, TOWN Residential has been primed in terms of popularity thanks to their beautiful work.

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