Sergio Cortes is the current secretary of health in Brazil. Many individuals choose to go to his website that is called On this website an individual can find information that can be very valuable to their health and well being. Sergio Cortes is also a very revered and respected doctor and surgeon. He has been able to help hundreds of individuals with their ailments, and he continues to practice medicine. On his website, Sergio not only talks about ways to deal with health problems, but he also talks about prevention methods.

Within the recent months many individuals living in the country of Brazil have been concerned with mosquitoes. In the town of Xerém there have been many issues with flooding and mosquitoes. Sergio Cortes and his team of experts were some of the first individuals that were on the scene to help make shelters and also give the residents of the town of Xerém the clean water that they needed in order to maintain good health. Dengue, and other mosquito transmitted disease were a real worry for Cortes and other individuals from the health department, because whenever there is flooding, there is a possibility that many mosquitoes will lay eggs. These mosquitoes can easily become vary numerous and make many people sick.

Zika has also been on the minds of many individuals living in Brazil. There have been outbreaks throughout the country, and since Zika has been associated with microcephaly, there are many people who are wondering how to prevent the disease. Sergio Cortes and his team have been out to the different neighborhoods that have been affected by Zika. Not only does he hope to dispel untruths about the disease, but he also hopes to educate others about ways that they can avoid the mosquitoes that carry these diseases.

Sergio Cortes is an individual that studied both in Brazil and in the United States. He has traveled around the world, and he had even received an award from the World Health Organization in 2002 for his extensive experience in working with public health. Sergio Cortes is an individual that has done much to help the medical community in Brazil.
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