Michael Jackson was one of the most iconic pop stars in the world for the past four decades. His songs and dance moves made him the most significant figure in pop culture, and this earned him the title “King of Pop”. He gained a vast fan base over the years, and his unfortunate demise left these fans devastated. Without a doubt, he left a void in the music industry. Many shows were held in different cities to pay tribute to the “King of Pop” and millions of people attended the shows. Since his death in 2009, one man in Brazil made it his duty to pay continuously homage to the iconic singer.

According to R7 Notícias, Sergio Cortes is considered one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators. He was born in Spain on 30th July 1971, and his passion for the late singer began at a young age when his mother told him he looked like Michael Jackson, which was the defining moment in Sergio’s career. From that moment, he started watching the singer on television and paying attention to details concerning the icon. At the time, Michael Jackson was still the lead singer for the Jackson Five. According to Visibilidade Online, a journalist asked Sergio when he was a teenager to dress up like Michael Jackson for a photo shoot. The response after the photos were published was better than Sergio expected and not long after that, he began to receive requests to dress like the icon more often.

At the moment, the Michael Jackson look-alike manages an entertainment agency that mainly gives contracts to various artists like him. He also performs Michael Jackson’s songs in many concerts to large audiences showing his talent for singing and dancing and performing the choreography masterfully. His talent and skill to impersonate the late singer have earned Sergio numerous fans who love to watch his shows. In addition to the shows, Sergio also has a Facebook page where he posts videos and pictures of his performances, and it has over sixteen thousand followers. Using this page, he can reach many more fans that cannot get the opportunity to watch his shows live.

According to Sergio, his performances are aimed at paying tribute to Michael Jackson as well as ease the pain of the fans for the loss of the great idol. He does not think of it as a career but more of a privilege.

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