Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes who is from South America has lived and led interesting and startling life. He has encountered many ‘dreams come true’ instances and surprises throughout his career as MJ double. He is a well-known public figure in the United States, Europe and other countries across the world. In this respect, he is quite different from other celebrity doubles that exist today.

Sergio Cortes grew up in a modest family in Brazil. It was not until his mother noticed how closely he resembled Michael Jackson that Sergio took his looks seriously. He began performing in many events at his hometown and soon became known to a few producers and directors in the entertainment industry. Some of his luck were random and unexpected, but most of the tasks he signed up for were due to his incredible talent in music and dance and the ability to mimic the King of Pop. For years, he was offered a number of projects, performance opportunities like TV shows, movies and dramas. His Facebook and Twitter profiles and other media network websites such as noticias r7 reveals what really matters to him across the long run – his career, passion for music and loyalty of his fans. His experience impersonating Michael Jackson, the career path he chose and personality traits are keeping him vital as well.

Sergio Cortes has won many awards and accolades since a decade. He has been honored with major awards meant for celebrity doubles in various countries outside the American continent. He is a subject of many books, journals and magazines, his life story has been published in newspapers across Brazil. He has been named one of the best impersonators alive and has been featured in TV shows and interviews. An avid traveler, Sergio Cortes has reached a new height in terms of career and popularity. He regularly keeps in touch with his fans through social networks and keeps them updated about his performances and shows as well. He is always on the lookout for the right opportunity to showcase his talents and passion for music to fulfill the demands of his career, believing that if he fails to choose the right thing in life he will he unhappy. He has developed great dedication to the job he does – the trait that is a good match for professional development. He is a living example for seeing what happens when people work in fields that fit them.