If you’ve ever been a fan of Elvis, or even just visited Los Vegas for a short while; you know all about celebrity impersonators. From cover bands to stage acts, where a good act goes an impersonator follows. Some are more well known then others, but what of the King of Pop himself? There have been plenty of cover bands hoping to preserve a memory so many had loved, but not a single one holds a candle to the best impersonator of Michael Jackson ever seen. This being the case it is surprising that the best impersonator himself is lesser known. Sergio Cortes was born July the 30th, 1971. The forty four year old, as a child was early on noticed to have a deep resemblance. When Michael Jackson was still in the Jackson 5 and his career was budding, Sergio had begun to gather attention for being his perfect look-alike. It was then Sergio Cortes as a child began to study Michael. He studied his dancing, clothing, style, and even how he carried himself. He became fascinated with the king. He was often invited to dress as him for pictures, which later had repercussions. This only grew his interest. Later in life this turned into his second career, as more and more people requested him for shows and events. This blew up into a tribute band and Sergio making a living off of his amazing resemblance and study of Michael. In 2009 Michael Jackson’s death left him shaken up, but it didn’t stop him from living and continuing to preserve the memory of the man he idolized.
All of this is further spoken about in an interview done in 2015.
Michael Jackson was of such value to his fans, that even his glove, worn in one of his shows in Moonwalk, went for 402,000 US dollars in auction. This glove had started at 20,000 US dollars, rapidly increasing.. A single glove. He was quoted as saying “Why use two gloves if I use one?” and had given it Paul Bernard, who he was close friends with. Paul had painted dozens of paintings for Michael Jackson’s home. Often the famous sell parts of their art for profit, but this is an amazing example of how beloved Michael was, and why Sergio is so loved for what he does.
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