The great pop legend Michael Jackson is dearly missed since his untimely demise in the year 2009. He entertained and thrilled the world with his soulful music and dancing moves. Michael’s legacy lives on through his timeless music, wardrobe attires, dance moves and even the impersonators present across the world.
Impersonation has never been easy. It takes many ears of training and practice to perfect. However, for Barcelona-born Spaniard it’s the thing he has done best in his life. Sergio Cortes goes into the history books as perhaps the best impersonator of Michael Jackson. According to an article on newspressrelease, Sergio Cortes developed an interest in Michael Jackson’s music in his teenage years.
Sergio would spend hours watching tapes of Michael’s performances. In the presence of his mother, he learnt most of Michael’s lyrics and dancing moves that he would later use to entertain his family. At one time, Sergio featured in a magazine dressed up as Michael Jackson. This event was the turning point in his impersonation career. It became apparent he had a talent for it.
Born in July of 1971, Sergio Cortes as endeared himself to folks worldwide for his near perfect resemblance to the late pop icon. His looks, dressing mode, voice and concert performances give fans a Michael Jackson experience. As a result, Sergio Cortes has gathered an enormous following with his fans coming from every corner of the globe. He receives numerous invites to perform on big events.
Cortes works in talent development for an entertainment company named Destiny projects. In his position, he oversees the management and development of artists while furthering his high-flying career. A busy schedule can never deter this talented man from following up on his role model’s legacy. He comments on Michael Jackson’s life and times on a regular basis. For instance, he provides his insight into the sale of the late superstar’s infamous glove.
According to Sergio Cortez, Michael’s last performance with the glove happened while doing his signature moonwalk dance. The glove is all white with tiny and shiny sequins. Michael only wore one glove instead of a pair as the norm. The most recent auction of the glove fetched around $ 20,000, a small figure considering the last sale back in the year 2009 fetched around $402, 000.
Cortes also revealed that Michael Jackson had hired a prolific painter to make portraits of icons such as Albert Einstein, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln wearing the glove. You can follow Sergio on Twitter and also like his official Facebook page.