Today’s world is a fast paced one. People are constantly on the go from one thing to the next. Shopping, working and fitness consuming every day in an attempt to maintain a modern lifestyle. The problem we all face is finding time for ourselves. It can be hard to make time for pleasure, let alone to meet new people. Going out alone can be frightening and normally ineffective, but sometimes it’s the only option. That’s why Scout was created.

Skout was developed to help the active individual to keep up an active social life. It was designed as a mobile app to help bring people together by their interest, but most importantly by their location. Meaning if you’re out on the town and find yourself seeking a companion, Skout can be your savior.

Whether looking for a date or just someone to have a friendly conversation with, Skout can be the app for you. Skout introduced a unique Shake to Chat feature in order to create a new element when meeting people. If you’re too nervous to pick a person to talk to there’s no worry. With Shake Chat it randomly chooses a person for you to speak with taking any anxiety of that first message. Plus, the first 40 seconds of the conversation are anonymous. This means if you don’t click right away there is no embarrassing afterthought.

Skout also takes the nerves out of the actual first encounter. While only minutes before meeting a person you can find out if the person is worth the effort, and meeting people is an effort. Just think about if you’re looking for a date and what would normally go into it. No need to waste money, food and drink on someone you may never talk to again. You can find out before ever meeting in person if there’s an actual connection to invest in. That’s what meeting people is about anyway. Spending time with people can be an investment. Your time is precious and shouldn’t be squandered on people that don’t appreciate it. Let Scout help you the same ways it’s helped millions of other people.

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