Skout was founded by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom in 2007 as a social web network. It was fairly popular, but as smart-phones became more and more popular Wiklund and Lindstrom changed their focus from their website to a new application. The iOS version of Skout was released in 2009 at the DEMO Conference. The Android version was released in 2010. Since the release of both applications Skout has had investments of over 25 million dollars. Since the addition of underage users in 2012, Skout began to provide additional safety measures for users that are teenagers. Numerous other applications were launched through Skout including Nixter, a nightlife event app, and Fuse, a social network customization app.

Skout is a location based application used primarily for social networking an dating. It is available in 180 countries and has 14 different languages to choose from. Based on the amount of active users, Skout has made over 500 million connections. The application works on both Android and iOS operating systems and is one of the first dating applications to focus on generalized user location. Though the use of a smart-phone’s GPS is a main feature of Skout, it never reveals a users exact location, and can be adjusted in the settings. Skout allows many different chat options for users to customize their experience. Users can also send instant messages and gifts between each other.

For those who are traveling or just looking for someone to listen to, Skout has “Skout Travel” and the “Shake to Chat” options. Skout Travel is a premium paid feature that allows users to meet people in another city or even country. This sub-use of Skout has been used almost as much as its main features, letting users expand their social circles and interact with locals to form personalized tours. The Shake to Chat option was made for people that are in the same area. If users are looking to talk to someone all they have to do is shake their phone will the Skout application open, they will then be connected to someone who is also shaking their phone. The time it takes to find another person is almost instant. After a link has been made user profiles are anonymous for a short time. Creators Wiklund and Lindstrom wanted users to have a little time to get to know each other before any judgement were made based on appearances.

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