Slyce Inc. has released its 2015 fourth-quarter performance report, a Yahoo Finance! PR revealed earlier this month. A premier visual search specialist, Slyce Inc. announced its latest SnipSnap innovation, “Scout” last October. With Scout, Slyce promises attractive, customized savings discovery that’ll complement the offerings of SnipSnap, a viral coupons app. So, what other innovations did Slyce rollout last year? A month before it introduced Scout services, Slyce revealed news of a newly developed data collecting analytics tool, “Slyce Insights.” It’s chiefly designed for retailers. With it, retailers can track visual search performance across different verticals, including Link, Universal Scanner. Additionally, it harvest KPI data and deliver precise reports to retailers. Earlier, Slyce released Pounce for Android, another revolutionary 3D-visual shopping app. In July, it also released another awesome visual search fashion-focused app, namely “Craves.” With this launch, Craves for iOS debuted in Canada and the U.S. as a product of iTunes.

The advantageous alliance with the online footwear conglomerate SHOES.COM last August strengthened Slyce’s presence as it injected itself into another segment. Two weeks later, Neiman Marcus store enabled Slyce image search technology for all products. In October, Urban Outfitters chose Slyce as its visual product search partner. With this new alliance, the global lifestyle brand has cemented its place among the industry’s fast-evolving retailers. Some weeks later, it approved another partnership with Shoes Carnival. Certainly, Slyce enjoyed a wealth of exciting, new partnerships last year.

This year, Slyce aims to spearhead more expansions. In fact, it renewed its subscriptions in pursuit of The Company and the Private Placement in February. Additionally, Slyce revealed notable Universal Scanner updates focused on enhancing web-based and native automation for image search services. With the launch of Slyce Link in November 2015, the visual search products specialist delivers customized shopping recommendations. This promises a higher e-commerce website conversions for retailers. Slyce updated other native apps with 3D image recognition, statistical matching, coupon concierge services and 2D content solutions. With the second quarter fast-approaching, Slyce shifts into high gear so as to maintain an advantage. The global image recognition innovator continues to forge meaningful business relationships.