Cosmetic companies everywhere promise dramatic eyes and a perfect pout. In reality the looks that are displayed on television and in magazines are difficult to achieve. Lime Crime Cosmetics is setting itself apart from the rest of the companies out there. With lip shades that are far from run of the mill, and eye shadows that will take drama to a whole new level, Lime Crime is a company that will always keep its promises.

Established in 2008 by internet celebrity Doe Deere, Lime Crime Cosmetic was created to celebrate individuality. The hope of the company is to make it possible for anyone to express themselves through makeup. While the pale pink that is “in” this season may be right for some, Lime Crime knows it is not right for everyone. For anyone who wants to break out of the box, or for anyone who just wants their lips to match their sweater, this company will make sure you have what you need. Self expression is important to Doe Deere and she wants to make sure all her fans know how beautiful they are. She does not follow traditional beauty rules and she could not be happier about it. Her makeup was made so people could feel comfortable in their own skin, not to try to make it look like everyone else’s.

Lime Crime Cosmetics offers its customer the option to choose anything from a pearly pink lip shade, to their brand new Teddy Bear color. They do not try to match a shade to skin tone, they match to personality. Their website is fun and colorful making sure to brighten the day of anyone who decides to take a peek. Because it is based online they offer many pictures of their products to make sure there is never any buyers remorse. With these cosmetics, anyone can be bold and beautiful, or sultry and sparkly. Lime Crime’s Instagram insists that you can look however you feel. Give it a try today and show the rest of the world what you want them to see.  Follow Lime Crime through Facebook, but also check out Doe Deere’s personal company blog at