Susan McGalla is a very successful business woman who has led several retail companies to success, as well as beginning a company of her own. She has held the title of Chief Executive Officer numerous times, and continues to be a strong woman in the work force. McGalla is a great role model for younger women looking to become successful and grow their careers as professionals.

There is lots of advice that is available for women wanting to advance their careers and work up the corporate ladder. However, a lot of the information on available is generic and not suited to fit all types. Advice given to comply for the masses isn’t really effective for anyone in particular. Susan McGalla is out to give personalized advice to professional women. She founded her own business, P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, and is an expert in consulting clients when it comes to branding, the management of talent, marketing and how to operate efficiently. McGalla has given many speeches on how to jump ahead in the business world as a woman, especially in industries that are typically led by men. She has spoken to many audiences, one of which was the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh.

Susan McGalla says that the women who listen to her speak are looking for authentic advice and a real perspective on the business world that can be applied practically. Business buzzwords are overused and have lose their meaning, and in this day in age, woman want to be seen as professionals, not just women. There is an evolution in the movement and women have come a far way in the world of business. Many businesses that were once led by men only are now in the hands of females.

Growing up in a house with two brothers and a father who coached football, Susan McGalla on ireport.cnn was not cut any slack because of her gender. She was raised to work hard and be confident of her good ideas, no matter who she was speaking to. She was raised to learn that her gender should never be a hindrance to her success. Because of this, McGalla has always been just as comfortable working with men as she is working with women. She has excelled working with both genders, which made led her successful career.

For example, when McGalla joined American Eagle, it was comprised mainly of men, with no women on the executive board or in high positions. She was able to work hard and excel at her position with American Eagle, which then led her to other successful positions.

In her own company, P3 Executive Consulting, McGalla now leads herself in being a consultant for other top professionals. She works with people in finance who are looking for an insider’s perspective on retail. McGalla has earned the autonomy of her life and her career by dedicating years of drive and hard work to further her career.

McGalla gives speeches in hopes that she can inspire more women to take this approach for their careers.