Susan McGalla on is an expert in the retail industry. I like the way that she has been able to accelerate and move up the corporate ladder over the years. In her time with American Outfitters she rose to a high level position as the Chief Merchandising Officer. It would be after this that she would find herself being sought after by other companies. She moved into the corporate structure as the CEO of another favorite company of mines, Wet Seal, in 2009.

Over time, Susan McGalla would prove to be someone that could handle the consultant side of retail and brand building on her own. It was incredible for me to see a woman make her own decisions and build her own company. When she started her own company I could see that Susan McGalla had finally made it. She was officially free to do whatever she wanted. She didn’t have to worry about the pressure of making decisions from the stockholders. As her own boss she could call all the shots with her marketing consulting company.

I think that many people have idolized her because she is has built a reputation for knowing what she is doing. She isn’t out there in the industry with no direction. To the contrary, she is a woman that is effective in her job and she has been able to do great work in the industry. I think she is a voice for women that are scared to pursue corporate jobs. There is a lot of talk about the inequality in the world of business men and woman, but Susan has defied the odds. She didn’t listen to all the naysayers that may have said that no woman could start her own business. She ignored those that said that women could not rise to the status of CEO. I am certain that Susan McGalla is one of the reasons that I have become so confident about my major. I am into marketing, and she has opened a lot of doors in the retail and branding area.

It takes a lot of courage to step into a business when there is some doubt about how things will turn out. Right now Susan is the Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has spent most of her life branding in the retail world. She could have easily turned down the position for strategic planning in the NFL because this is out of her realm. She has branding experience, but she has also been in a specific area of branding. Susan is confident in her skills though. She may never have worked in this capacity before, but she knows how to develop brands. This is enough to help her push open another door for females in the industry. That is what I like about her what she has done.

Even after all these years Susan McGalla is still breaking barriers. She is one of few women that has earned a corporate position in the NFL.

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