Talk Fusion has earned quite a few awards recently because of its creative use of video messaging and overall communications. In a recent interview, Bob Reina, CEO and founder of Talk Fusion talked at length about how the company has been able to stay ahead of the technological curve and continue to provide excellent service.


In keeping with Talk Fusion’s focus on their clientele, Reina highlighted the company’s broad appeal as instrumental to its success. The video marketing solutions they provide stand above others in the medium, which makes them applicable to large corporations like Norwegian Cruise Line but can facilitate communications for smaller companies regardless of where they are headquartered. And Reina points out that smaller businesses benefit from partnering with Talk Fusion in their early days as video communications allow them to network more easily and communicate with remote workers while maintaining a control of costs.


In the case of Video Marketing, providing email, conferencing, messaging, hosting, and marketing capabilities, Reina says that compartmentalizing all those services into one helps business cut down their overhead costs. But it also provides business owners access to analytics so they can identify trends and failures in business plans and adapt accordingly.


But Talk Fusion faces challenges moving forward, particularly with respect to technology. For Reina, real-time communication (WebRTC) is giving users better communication options through internet browsers, making it easier for users to share files and stream wit fewer complications. WebRTC is appealing to Talk Fusion, Reina says, providing new growth opportunities over the next eight years, again keeping the company at the forefront of technological change.


Reina’s interest in technology requires that he remain abreast of changes to existing systems Talk Fusions relies upon and new additions that could help the company grow by bridging communication gaps. Applying WebRTC is an example of Reina’s commitment to new technology. With it, Talk Fusion as been able to update Video Chat, Email, and Newsletter services, but soon it will have a presence in all the company provides to its clients. While similar technology is making its way to competitors, Reina sees Talk Fusion as steps ahead.

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