Much about the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Spider-Man is still left (swinging?) up in the air, including what movie he will be premiering in (probably Captain America: Civil War, which comes out on May 6, 2016) and what his own film will be called (rumors are going with either The Spectacular Spider-Man or Spider-Man: The New Avenger). However, we finally have a face for him, as Tom Holland has been officially chosen for the role.

The young Brit has previously had parts in both theater and film, most notably with the title character of Billy Elliot the Musical and Lucas Bennett in The Impossible. A dancer as well as an actor, he may have been chosen to bring some athleticism to the role of the famous web-swinging, acrobatic hero. At age 19 he is decidedly younger than the previous live-action Spider-Men, Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, who played teenage Peter Parker as at ages 28 and 27, respectively.

Though Spider-Man was created by Marvel Comics, film rights to the franchise belong to Sony, which made the Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man series. This has kept the popular character out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe during its first two “Phases.” However, a recent deal between the companies will allow Marvel Studios to use him again, though Brad Reifler points out that Sony will retain the rights.

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