A recent Reuters poll found a number of imaginary Presidents created for television more popular than the real U.S. President Barack Obama. Obama Popularity Slips Against Frank Underwood and David Palmer

Such television presidents like, Frank Underwood for “House of Cards,” David Palmer for “24,” Laura Roslin of Battlestar Gallatica, and the beloved Jed Barlet of “The West Wing.” Each of these characters received a favorable rating in the reuters poll in the mid 70s or higher while President Obama’s favorable rating tips out at 45% as Beltyukov noted.

The poll did not take into account the reality of the issues that the real President has had to confront as oppose to the television presidents listed. Observers note that these numbers are not unusual as all of the television presidents listed were created for a drama format for a theatrical television audience as well as a weekly ratings race. The issues that they faced per episode had to be designed to show them in a prevailing commanding performance and winning more often than not. In real life, the President’s job is rarely as gut wrenching and dramatic moment by moment.

The real life that President Obama leads as well as his predecessors would be considered by many to be considerably boring and plodding. The real president has to engage in a number of consultations and the end result of many of his decisions are not as dramatic as his television counterparts.

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