If you’ve ever found yourself looking at a beautiful item, maybe a purse, maybe some shoes, or piece of clothing, maybe you weren’t sure what the brand of the item was, or where to find it. This happens many times, if we end up going on the road somewhere, and we see someone who has something that we want, but we’re too embarrassed to ask where they got it from. Maybe we don’t ask, because we’re afraid of being ridiculed, being told were nosy, or getting into someone else’s business. Now in days, you don’t have to ask where they got it from, just snap a picture of it.

If you take a picture of an item that you see someone holding, you can use image recognition software, in order to determine where the item is, how much it’s selling for, and you can also purchase it. Maybe you already know where the item is being sold, but not which store, or how much it is. No matter what information you need to find out about an item, use image recognition software, in order to learn more about the particular item. Image recognition software has taken long strides, and it’s a coming of age technology.

Although many people have not heard of image recognition technology, it’s still very valuable, and it may even be implemented in software that you are currently using, but you’re not aware of it. What the software does, is it will take the size, shape, color, as well as other characteristics of a picture, analyze it, and determine where the item is located, and who the item was created by. If the software gets enough details, it’s possible for it to lead you directly to the item, so you can purchase it right away.

Imagine that you just see someone on the street, you see their item, you like it, you take a photo of it, you put it through an image recognition system, and it comes back with an exact match. Not only does the match pinpoint where to buy the item, you may be able to see the item on your screen, and purchase it right away. Technology has come such a long way, and those who love to shop, will want to become better acquainted with image recognition software, as it can help you to find any items you can’t find on your own.

The leader in image recognition software is Slyce, who has different forms of technology, which can be implemented into current apps that companies may have, allowing the application to recognize images. The software is so intelligent, that it can even come up with an exact match of the item, if not a very similar item, and that’s only a few things the software can do. With the different technologies available through Slyce, taking pictures of ads and billboards, can help the software to recognize the exact item, and show the buyer where to purchase it. With Slyce technology, your new purchase, is just an image recognition search away.

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