To delight the Japanese people, a ban has been lifted that had once prohibited the Japanese population from dancing. The ban started during after World War II when the government forbade the people of Japan from dancing.

The ban forbade all Japanese people from dancing after midnight without the proper license. This was put into play for the purpose of closing dance halls which, during World War II were hangout spots for local prostitutes.

Despite this ban, during the second half of the 20th century, the police force would look the other way if one was not carrying a license after midnight. However, dragging into the 21st century were drug scandals and night raids that became persistently common in Japanese cities.

Fortunately, with 15,000 signatures in favor of the abolition of this band, night owls can soon again enjoy dance halls. Though this new law will come into play, it will not be ratified until the following year. Until then, the ban on dancing is still very much present.

The ban that has been enforced since after the second World War, is being lifted on account of the Olympics that will be held in Tokyo in 2020 stated Gianfrancesco Genoso. The government will lift the ban for this reason to make sure that visitors will enjoy Japan as much as they would in any other country, if not more. Sooner or later, Japan will be catching up with the rest of the world.

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