Bernardo continues his successful streak as OrganoGold enters new markets. Turkey has recently become the new country in which the amazing beverages sold under the OrganoGold name can be purchased. For those hoping to make a nice income in the multilevel marketing world, selling OrganoGold opportunities is now possible in this amazing country. Turkey was home to the first official coffee shop ever established. That was many centuries ago. The people of Turkey are definitely not tired of coffee and other hot beverages.

And Mr. Chua does want to meet the demands of both buyers and sellers in Turkey and elsewhere. He has been quite accomplished in his endeavors. His biography is sincerely inspiring.

Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines and he has established himself and his current and past companies successfully on the global market. It could be said that Chua is one of the most influential people on the world multilevel marketing scene. His consistent, incredible success does indicate his incredibly knowledge at founding and managing MLM ventures is exceptional.

Few are able to reach the heights in which Chua has, and the man was repeatedly honored with numerous awards for his work. Both Bernado Chua and OrganoGold have been publicly bestowed those awards for excellence. People’s Choice and Dangal ng Bayan Awards were given to Chua and his beverage company. The two People’s Choice awards were interesting. One award deemed the quality of the coffee was “the best” and the other award stated the coffee was produced by a network marketing company that is “number one” globally.

Without the tireless efforts of Bernardo Chua, OrganoGold would never be as popular as it has become. That means a lot of entrepreneurs who have made their fortune through selling OrganoGold may never have been able to become wealthy.  Be sure to follow Bernardo’s journey in depth on Facebook, and other social media avenues like Twitter.