Sergio Cortes recently toured flood-stricken Xerem to alleviate dehydration problem in the city and help relieve the Situation. He opened a facility to mitigate the problem, and it is a centre expected to help 300 patients with its 12 stations. The centre will also help in garbage collection in the city.


The current flood has led the possibility of an outbreak of Dengue fever. The government has thus been forced to put allot of efforts to fight off that possibility.


Mr. Sergio Cortes is the state health secretary. He is a passionate, medical doctor who regularly posts advice to his residents in top magazines. In a recent post, Sergio encouraged Brazilians to start regularly exercising as it is important. The country is currently grappling with obesity problems, and many are suffering from back pains.


Sergio Cortes advises one to do to normal exercises like riding a bicycle and swimming. Sergio points out that 60% of the country is currently overweight, and obesity is a national crisis.


The current Dengue fever has seen the government turn to Cortes on how to fight the scourge. During the visit to Xerem, Sergio was accompanied by an Epidemiological Surveillance team to test the level of water contamination. It was found that the contamination levels were very high.


Sergio Cortes says that the seven samples collected are bad and will need to be recollected. The water to be used would also be disinfected daily and has advised everyone downstream to follow the same example.


Sergio Cortes also gave out more than 100000 sodium hypochlorite bottles to help fight any crisis that may arise. It was an attempt to get ahead of the situation.


Sergio Cortes is a passionate doctor with a lot experience making the impossible happen. It is his biggest goal to see a prosperous nation full of healthy population.


You too can be impacted by his knowledge through his Twitter handle. You can check the doctors Resume on LinkedIn. Sergio Cortes is an inspiration to many and may God bless him.