On Wednesday night, the Board of the Clinton Foundation announced that the Foundation will continue its policy of accepting donations from some foreign governments and agencies. However, the Board decided to accept donations from only six countries and to eliminate expensive overseas conferences beginning in June. The Board declined to adopt suggestions by some critics that money donated to the Clinton Foundation previously by foreign governments be returned.

Previously, some 16 different international governments and government agencies contributed between $55 million and $130 million to the Clinton Foundation. Donor governments reportedly included: Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Oman, Qatar, Brunei, Italy, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan and the Dominican Republic, all countries that will not longer be permitted to donate funds directly. Media reports indicated donations will still be accepted from: the United Kingdom, Norway, Canada, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands.

Additionally, the Clinton Global Initiative will reportedly continue to accept direct donations from all foreign governments. In May, Facebook reported the Clinton Global Initiative will meet as previously scheduled in Marrakesh. According to the website Politico, this conference is being funded by a donation of more than $1 million from a phosphate company belonging to the Moroccan government.

A meeting of the Clinton Foundation being organized by a prominent Greek shipping tycoon, Gianna Angelopoulos, that was scheduled for June in Athens was canceled by the Board. Gianna Angelopoulos and President Bill Clinton had been scheduled speakers.

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