Nobody in the entertainment scene rocked the world like Michael Jackson did during his career and in his entire life before his unprecedented death. He was one of the most popular musician in the world and his fame traversed the entire globe cutting across all generations. He had a great fan base that remained unquenched when his untimely death happened. Due to his popularity in the entertainment industry, he has attracted the attention of many artists who seek to fill in the gap that he left open. One of these artists is Sergio Cortes who has successfully lived up to the expectations of many in representing the king of pop.

Sergio Cortes has been impersonating Michael Jackson for years and he has successfully won the hearts and minds of many MJ’s fans. As a result, he has been actively doing rounds all over the world especially in the Latin American region giving shows where he mimics the great king of pop. He made his way up in limelight in 2012 soon after MJ’s tragic death and he was very well received by fans who were at the time disappointed by the tragic death of their idol. This is how Sergio Cortes created a name for himself.

However, even before he got his global recognition in the period soon after MJ’s death, Sergio Cortes had been impersonating MJ for years. Naturally, he wouldn’t have gotten much of the glamour since the real person was still in existence but he was quite a thrill even at the time. His striking resemblance to MJ has left many people in awe. In fact, he began getting the semblance fuss from people since he was a teenager. At the time, his peers used to call him MJ and his similarity to the legend was just too accurate.

Sergio Cortes is the closest impersonators of MJ have come close. His advantage is the fact that he has not been trying to enhance his looks to look like the king of pop rather his natural physique resemble MJ’s. He is almost an authentic replica of Michael Jackson with his looks, body size, hair, eyes, moth shape and every tiny detail of the seeable physical details. In addition to that, Sergio Cortes sings exactly like MJ which makes him the best and the most authentic impersonator of the king of pop. He is Spanish national born in 1971 and his future seems very promising in the entertainment industry.

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