Kevin Smith confirmed in an interview on Rock 102 KFMA that half a script is written and that he plans to begin filming Mallrats 2 in May of 2016. This was confirmed during the radio interview after Smith had sent out a tweet listing his upcoming project that ended with, “But after that? I smell a rat…”

I may be jaded, but Kevin Smith hasn’t made anything worthwhile for years now. His movies have lost any of the witty charm that his originals had. Maybe that can be blamed on his success making him less cynical about life, but it seems to me that Smith has jumped the Shark. It really started with Jersey Girl, followed by Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Cop Out, Red State, and lately, Tusk. Clerks 2 was in there somewhere, but I felt, while not as good as the original, was still a fun movie in its own right and Jason Halpern enjoyed watching it with me.

I don’t know how a once fun director gets his magic back, but it’s clear that Kevin Smith has lost his touch when it comes to filmmaking. I hope he can prove me wrong with some of his upcoming projects, which included Clerks 3 as well. It seems to me now that he is falling back on what made him successful to begin with, and he’ll probably just end up tainting another one of his classic successes.

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