Whether you go to London, Rome, Milan, or even Los Angeles, there is a five star luxury hotel chain to spend your time in called The Dorchester Collection. This famous chain has quite a few restaurants and each location has a spa. Some of the spas have aromatherapy sessions which are very healing for the body, mind, and soul.

Almost a year ago, the Hotel won the Excellence Gold Award. The hospitality style is transitioning from the classic to the modern. Each hotel in their location will maintain the elegance and charm as well the the historic look. The hotel’s culture will also be suited to the local culture.

If you go skiing in Geneva, there will be the historic old world charm of Switzerland and a contemporary ski lodge within the hotel as well as shuttle service to the ski slopes. Each hotel will provide services to make your trip very enjoyable. In Rome, there will be the old world charm of Italy and the fresh Italian food cooked in the hotel’s restaurants. Then you can enjoy a tour of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and a magnificent trip to a local art museum. There will be famous art work displayed in the hotel walls as well since Italy is famous for artwork. Then off course, the facilities will be all modern and up to date like the farthest Western countries.

The Dorchester Collection was founded in 2007. There are also many job openings for those in the hospitality business or for those in the travel/tourism business. Currently, there are close to 1500 employees in this system. Part of the benefits of working for this chain of hotels is the fringe benefit of traveling from place to place. This is a great time to see many famous and lovely places.

Next time I go to Europe, I would love to stay at this hotel.

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