Argentina will make a debut return into the global bond markets in April 2016. This will be characterized by it selling its $11.68 worth of bonds that will be issued under New York law. This return has been made possible after the U.S District court allowed Argentina to sell its debts after a ban was issued against it before. The country is looking to sell its debts so that it will be able to provide for its settlements. Many companies are looking to invest in the bonds and Highland Capital is not about to be left behind. The company seeks to buy its new bonds immediately they are released into the market. It is planning to do so being optimistic that Argentina will trade its bonds at a good price.

In an effort to reclaim Argentina’s access to the global market, its current president Mauricio Macri is abolishing all economic policies that were created by his predecessor. These policies resulted in a $ 95 billion default that consequently led to the blockade. It is expected that distressed investors will leave the market paving way for other potential investors. Highland Capital is an interested investor in Argentina due to the $ 4 billion notes it holds for the country that are set to mature in 2033.

Highland Capital CEO and Co-founder is James Dondero. He is a resident of Dallas, Texas. James attended the University of Virginia where he graduated with bachelor’s degree majoring in accounting and finance. Jim also went to Mclntire School of Commerce. James has worked in the credit and equity markets for a period of 30 years. He has worked at various companies at influential capacities. Jim has worked in GIC and American Express.

His vast experience and expertise has enabled James Dondero to place Highland Capital at the top in offering Collateralized Loan Obligation by focusing on distressed investments. NexBank, CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare are proud to have James as the chair of their boards. James also sits as a board member of American Banknote and the famous MGM Studios.

Despite his board responsibilities and running Highland Capital, James participates in philanthropic activities and initiatives. He is particularly interested on matters to do with education, veteran affairs and public policy issues such as democracy and governance. offers any interested reader, investor or corporation a quick explanation of what is happening in Argentina and what are the steps being taken to return it to its former glory.