George Soros reflects on his life with enthusiasm. He was born in 1930 in a hostile environment in Budapest, Hungary. Soros persevered through harsh times in his homeland in his early childhood.

At some point in life, Soros recalls fleeing as a refugee and being hosted by the people of the United Kingdom. Soros further explains how he lived as an asylum seeker for a decade and a half and narrates his experience attending English School and being afforded excellent opportunities. Soros was among the lucky few immigrants to be admitted to the world famous London School of Economics.

Soros received world class training in Economics and Political Science and later absorbed by an investment bank in London. George revealed the exponential growth and development he had in the new surroundings. Later in his career, he would again migrate to the US to where he worked with some investment banks.

Forbes billionaire George Soros upon assessing the treatment of refugees like him back in the day, he feels substantial ground has been lost. Today, countries look on as others are attacked by extremist terror organization such as ISIS in Syria. These states also disregard the fundamental humanitarian principles and act selfishly by closing their borders.

The European Union, for instance, has had to face lots of criticism for its failure to counter the Syrian refugee crisis that threatens to overwhelm the region. George cited this and other opinions on his regular interviews. He also dedicates his time to writing and publishing philosophical and opinion papers.

Soros has recently dismissed the words of Donald Trump, a presidential candidate for the Republican Party. Soros is known to be an influential man in US political circles with his tendency to back Democratic and liberal candidates with sound policies. He felt that Trump’s idea of closing borders only alienated the oppressed and victims of terror. Such move would lead to radicalization and further chaos. He also made it clear that substantial ground has been achieved regarding rallying States to worldwide to accept and incorporate millions of refugees in Europe and Africa.

During the same interview, Soros took the time to discuss his prediction of a looming financial crisis. Soros pointed to indicators in the Chinese and European economies. He warned of tougher days ahead as states struggle to control interest rates and facilitate growth rates that can see economies grow.