The sommeliers of the world have the name of The Antique Wine Company on their lips. This is because since it was founded in the United Kingdom in 1982 by CEO Stephen Williams, it has been the premier wine merchant whose penchant for fine and rare wines is the supreme brand. They are known for breaking world sales records for the finest vintages and wine collections. In addition, they are renowned for some of the finest wine events hosted. The Antique Wine Company is more than the procurer of fine and rare wines, as they have moved into the arena of providing services for the wine enthusiast, such as private wine master classes. Additionally, anyone who needs to certify the sourcing of a rare wine will find their services are unmatched.

Wine Collections

The Antique Wine Company currently holds one of the most impressive wine collections with over 10,000 of the rarest and finest bottles in the world. This includes the 141 consecutive vintage vertical collection of the Chateau d’Yquem starting in 1868. Additionally, The Antique Wine Company is the seller a single lot of a 135 year vertical collection spanning from 1860 to 2003 worth $1.5 million. This sale stands as one of the highest ever paid. They also hold the distinction of breaking the world record in July 2011 for the most valuable bottle of wine ever sold with the sale of an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem for $75,000 pounds.

Wine Steward Visionary

With the visionary wine steward Stephen Williams at the helm, The Antique Wine Company continues to set trends in the acquisition of fine wines. They purchased the top lot of 460 liters of Corton red wine from the Clos du Roi Grand Cru vineyard in 2011. In addition, he has made step changes in the sales direction at The Antique Wine Company in an effort to reach a broader global market. The effort of change will be lead from their offices in London, Hong Kong and Philippines. Mr. Williams brings an unsurpassed gravitas to the dialogue regarding the future of rare and fine wine stewardship, with his initiative to spearhead the premiere Antique Wine Company Academy.

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