The Clinton Foundation was created by former President Bill Clinton, with nine employees in Little Rock (Arkansas) in 2001, and in 14 years has become a powerful organization with $2,000 million raised and 2,200 employees worldwide.

One third of the contributions of more than a million dollars correspond to governments, foreign entities or individuals.

So, there is no doubt of worldwide Bill and Hillary Clinton powers but to avoid accusations of conflicts of interest, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate has resigned from the board.

Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Australia, Norway, Dominican Republic and Algeria are among the countries that sent donations to the organization while Mrs. Clinton was head of state.

Entrepreneurs, philanthropists and investment groups are the other major donors, who send generous checks to causes advocated by the foundation.

All contributions are legal, but many could mix diplomatic or economic interests , now that Hillary is out to conquer the White House.

Senator Rand Paul didn’t miss an opportunity to criticize Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton should explain why he accepts money from foreign countries that violate the rights of women,” Rand said a few months ago.

Bernardo Chua ( has learned that The Clinton Foundation said in a statement last February that if Hillary became a Presidential candidate, they would revise their laws to avoid conflicts of interest.

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