Brian Bonar is one of the renowned and astounding personalities in the world of finance. He is an executive, an expert and a matchless leader in this world. He had a very technical background in his early life which presents the reason he is excellent in building businesses. He enrolled at James Watt College where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. He then went to the Stafford University where he graduated with a Masters Degree. The vast educational background is what catapulted him to the helm of the Finance World.

Bonar has a very long history in business and has achieved and accomplished quite a lot. He started his career at IBM. This came shortly after he left QMS where he served as the Engineering Director. At QMS, he managed more than one hundred people. He has also worked at Adaptec as the national sales manager. Not at any point in time, did Bonar relent in his pursuit of success. After leaving Adaptec, Brian founded his own business dubbed as the Bezier systems. His approach and specialties of Brian Bonar are unequivocally of no match. He possesses a very creative business mind that gives him an edge from his workmates. He is an architect by profession, and it is believed that he is a genius too. Coupling that with his excellent specialties that include acquisitions and mergers, it presents a successful business executive.

Born sixty-seven years ago, Brian Bonar was appointed as the Treasurer, Secretary, the Chief Officer in charge of finances and the Chief Executive Chair of Trucept incorporated on 12th March 2010. Before these roles, Mr. Bonar was the President of the STTN Board in the year 2009. He has approximately eighteen years experience working with IBM in the USA, Europe and Asia. In addition, he has more than twenty years professional experience in both public and private ventures in various locations in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. He was also the Chair and the Executive Officer of Solvis group for three years. Solvis is popularly known for providing PEO, ASO services and staffing the call centre and the medical segments majorly. In the year 2004, Brian was appointed to a California-based corporation dubbed as the Dalrada Corporation as the Chief Executive Officer and later as the Chairman to the Board. The Dalrada Corporation provides the health insurance and the worker’s compensation.

In late 2007, Mr. Bonar was appointed to head the Board of Directors of a publicly traded company known as the Alliegant Professional. Mr Bonar also founded a PEO dubbed as AMS outsourcing that primarily deals with the transport market. Through his strong business acumen, the Company established a presence internationally in the Mexico and the Czech Republic.