Michael Jackson attracted the love of millions every time he performed on stage. Now that he is absent so many fans want to experience the wonder all over again. One particular man has been serving many individuals in keeping Michael Jackson’s memory alive.

Sergio Cortes is identified as the worlds most authentic Michael Jackson imitator. Cortes has always been a really a big fan of MJ since he first saw him on tv with The Jackson 5. He would watch Michael and begin imitating all of his moves and sing all his songs. As time went by Sergio realized his strong desire to become a serious Michael Jackson impersonator.

Sergio also started to notice an uncanny resemblance to the super star. He observed his talent for dancing and singing as well. Sergio began developing a new self-confidence about the potential he had for becoming the greatest Michael Jackson impersonator in the world. People would come to see Sergio perform and many would believe that he was the real King Of Pop.

Every photo taken looked exactly like Michael Jackson due to the fact that Sergio even mastered MJ’s poses. His wardrobe is filled with all Michael Jackson outfits from each and every era. He has successfully figured out every single aspect of The King Of Pop and still continues to practice 3 to 4 hours every day.

His vocal performance is basically an equal copy of Michael Jackson’s. It is an impressive experience hearing Sergio Cortes sing. He often addresses the reality that Michael is his inspiration for all his shows. Cortes also recognizes all the issues that were significant to Michael like caring for one another and peace on earth.

Creating a electrifying performance is Cortes way of paying homage to the legend that he respects so much. He loves traveling to various countries to give fans a real Michael Jackson experience. Sergio has followers from all over the entire world who love him. He makes sure to put all his vitality in every impressive performance he delivers.

He pledges to remain focused on his work and also remains humble like Michael. Plenty of video’s of Sergio’s exhilarating performances are frequently being looked at by fans all over the internet. Sergio is living a dream come true because Michael Jackson means so much to him. Sergio Cortes has shown millions that he is the best Michael Jackson impersonator the world will ever see.