Susan McGalla an expert consultant in the field of branding and talent management. McGalla is confident in her field and in her position. She has been instrumental in the field of women’s advancement in the business world and confident in the role she undertakes as a professional. She learned at a very young age that hard work and good ideas are rewarded.

As a speaker, Susan McGalla has spoken on many occasions to various groups about how to get ahead as a woman in business. Taking the reins of her own career and breaking the “glass ceiling” she has never thought of her positions as an entitlement because she is a woman but advancement because she is qualified and comfortable within herself.

Graduating from Mount Union College receiving her Bachelor Degree in Business and Marketing. After college, she worked at Joseph Horne Company, and in 1994 she took flight and moved to the American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. In this company, she excelled her career being responsible for a true culture change where women and men together constructed the most successful culture change in the time between 2000 and 2010. McGalla rising to the position of President and Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. McGalla left American Eagle Inc. in 2009 heading to consult the retail and financial investment industries.

Susan McGalla had no intention of “breaking the glass ceiling” but is proud of her performance to date. She feels that dedication and passion are what fuels her initiative and goals.

As an expert in business management, fashion branding and retail positioning, McGalla is presently working for the Pittsburg prize NFL franchise, The Steelers, as Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Steelers. Her goal at present is to foster and grow The Steelers Brand.

Stanford Graduate School of Business is a leader when it comes to empowering the world’s brightest students to act, to take steps that will change the world. In the business world it appears women are playing a more assertive role, more confident in their decision-making skills and get more promotions. This was revealed in a recent study performed at Stanford GSB. Women are starting to move higher in the managerial ranks with a strategic approach, being self-motivated, and looking at their long range plans very closely.

Although it is proposed that women must be assertive and confident, but if they are too assertive or aggressive, they are sometimes punished for behaving in ways that would be totally acceptable for the male gender. It is certainly a conundrum that is facing women in business today, and serves as an on-again/off-again trait, but no specific ruling is out just yet.

All in all, Susan McGalla has focused her expertise into her P3 Executive Consulting business and advancing the branding of The Steelers in her position as Director of Strategic Planning and Growth.

Living with her husband and children in their home in Pittsburg, she is thrilled to be a part of The Steelers future.

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