About Town Residential

It is almost impossible to talk about  NYC luxury real estate without mentioning TOWN Residential, the leading luxury real estate services provider in city. The company has been in operation for just five years now but its achievements are amazing. Its dedicated Representatives offer the best services to its customers. It deals in luxury residential sales; the marketing, sales and leasing of property developments; leasing; commercial and retail.

The company employs highly qualified and experienced professionals who have made it to be recognized as the best. The company attracts the top talent in its Representatives because it has been recognized as the Best Firm to Work For as well as among the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City.

The Entry of RE/MAX

RE/MAX, the real estate giant, is expected to make a grand entry into the New York real-estate market very soon. Dave Liniger, the company’s founder, explains that the company is interested in selling real estate in the city. He has grown this company from a small shop to a huge enterprise that operates in several sates in the country. New York is no longer going to be the exception. Dave states that he understands the difficulty that the company will experience when making the entry into New York. One of the matters he addresses in the fact that New York City presents a different dynamic in terms of the kind of real estate it has and their location. Unlike most of RE/MAX’s markets that are in the suburbs, the city presents a metropolitan setting that most of the company’s agents are not used to. To surmount these challenges, Dave has hired some of the best marketers and veterans in the real estate market. With this strategy, he believes the company will do well in the new market and be in a position to compete, favorably, with other companies that have been in the New York market for long. Only time will tell whether the company will experience substantial grow in this challenging market.