Brazil is a country that has a vibrant legal system. It has the highest number of institutions that offer legal studies. Most of its earlier legal mechanisms were derived from Portuguese law but much of that changed when Brazil attained independence. The country set up its own legal systems as well as institutions to train its lawyers. Historically, Brazil has always been influenced by foreign legal systems especially the German and French.
However, the current legal system is based on statutes with the Federal Constitution functioning as the highest and primary law of the country. Any modification of the constitution only occurs through a constitutional amendment. For ordinary legislation, it must conform to the norms of the constitution, which can be done at the legislative levels of federal, state or municipal.
To be allowed to practice as a lawyer in Brazil, one must go through the legal education system and pass highly in the exams. After excelling in school, one is required to sit for the legal exams administered by the Brazilian Bar Association. The Brazilian Bar Association is the body mandated to regulate the legal practice in Brazil. It was established in 1930. The formation of the Brazilian Bar Association was as a result of the developments made by the Brazilian Lawyers Institute from 1834 to 1930. All the above mechanisms are laid out to ensure that the legal field gets the most qualified lawyers to practice law. Additionally, the students have to go for internships to acquire hands on experience. This is facilitated through the legal firms that train them.
One individual providing the internship opportunities to Brazilian lawyers is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He serves as an inspiration for many Brazilian lawyers due to his humble backgrounds. He started out from a small law firm but he is now one of the prominent lawyers not only in Brazil but across the world. Ricardo is considered one of the top most strategists in the Brazilian legal fraternity. He has offered legal services to several large Brazilian companies and the government.
Ricardo Tosto is the co founder and partner at Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. He is a specialist in the areas of banking contracts, acquisition review, administrative law and election law. He also specializes in civil and commercial law, business restructuring, and credit recovery. Ricardo Tosto is a member of various bodies such as the International Bar Association. Additionally, Ricardo has a blog and gives out lectures and he is a prolific political writer having published several articles in magazines and newspapers.